Misty Lady Vacuum Seal Bags




Our vacuum seal bags are made from plant based home compostable biofilm, home compostable adhesives and are food safe, fridge and freezer proof, moisture proof, heat sealable, have a high oxygen barrier and are worm friendly. 

We want plastic free oceans and can’t wait for the day when we will sail away aboard our oceangoing vessel, with our sea creature friends and Misty Lady.

Made to Replace Polyethlene Plastic:

Seafood packaging
Meat Packaging
Plant based protein packaging
Frozen berry packaging
Frozen pre-made meal packaging
Raw frozen sweet treat packaging
Iceblock packaging
Cheese packaging
Sauce sachets
Dressing and vinaigrette sachets
Soup and stock packaging
Cosmetics packaging


Dimensions: 220mm x 290mm
Three side seal bag, open top
5mm crimped edge


Plastic Free
Home Compostable
Worm Friendly
Not for Rubbish Bins
Keeping Plastic out of the Ocean