Own your impact.

We are a team of ocean athletes, lovers of salt and sand dune dwellers. After a team member's child had encephalitis, a rare and debilitating brain infection, the ocean was one of the best places to rehabilitate her. The ocean is the life blood of the planet, it provides and heals. We need to take responsibility and get organised, the way we are living and consuming is damaging our ocean.

It is important for everyone to pause and centre their living, reflect and review our purchasing decisions and how this impacts on the environment and ultimately the ocean. We want others to understand the unique health benefits of the ocean and how it can help bring happiness and calm into families.

Living with purpose matters. Every morning you have an opportunity to make it your best day. Smile, experience joy and visit the places you love and live more organised.

Our Salt Bags range helps you step out each day knowing you are prepared.

Our bags are reusable, worm and soil friendly, plant based, petroleum free, lightweight, strong, durable and 100% home compostable; natures perfect way of recycling.

Start small with habits, live more organised and plan your day.