Home Compostable Dog Poo Bags *DAMAGED BOXES*

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Some of the outer packaging of our home compostable dog poo bags are a little less than perfect, so we're offering you and your furry friend a special.  Don't worry - the bags inside are still in perfect condition!

~ Get 3 boxes for the price of 1 ~

You'll pay just $12.90 for 12 rolls of dog waste bags (4 in each box).
Simply add one box to your cart and we'll give you two extra for FREE. 

While stocks last. 


Throw the earth a bone.

Clean up after your dog and the planet with our home compostable dog waste bags.

Materials that matter
Our ocean-friendly dog poo bags are made from all-natural materials that are from the earth, for the earth. Simply put them in a separate home compost and watch as the microorganisms break down the friendly fibres.

Force for nature
We answer to the ocean. It’s up to us to look after our environment. Salt Bags design zero-waste bags for all elements of life to help you live with purpose. Let’s keep plastic out of the ocean and own our impact. 

Disposal Instructions
Plastic doesn’t belong in the ocean, and neither do our home compostable bags. To properly dispose of your dog waste bag, ensure you compost them properly. Once home, tear open the bag and place compostable contents in a separate compost bin to break down.

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