Reusable Produce, Grocery & Shopping Bags

Live with Purpose. Get Organised. Try Harder.

The Salt Bags range of 100% cotton and mesh bags are lightweight, strong and an environmentally friendly alternative to unwanted plastic bags. They're also a great way to carry your things.

Every day we have a choice. Live with purpose and protect our oceans with eco-friendly shopping bags, or co-exist with plastic and let life drag us along.

Turn off the chaos and live more meaningfully. Own your impact!

How Furoshiki works

Practice the art of carrying and brighten up your living.

Salt Bags' Furoshiki Cotton Bags are perfect for carrying, wrapping, holding and containing your things, including your fruit, vegetables and other produce and other shopping items.

Eco-Friendly Cotton Bags

Our reusable bags are ocean-friendly, worm-friendly, plant based, lightweight, strong, durable and 100% compostable - natures' perfect way of recycling.

Discover our mesh produce bags with for fruit and vegetables, the Furoshiki everyday cloth bag and our ever-popular cotton market bag.

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